McKearn Trip to St. Louis

Our trip to St. Louis this last weekend was fun. I’m glad we finally got to meet the John and Cassandra McKearn. Honestly, the most crucial aspect of this trip was probably getting to interact with both the McKearns and Joe Matty. The other things we did during the excursion were interesting, but outside of my personal interest fields. It’s great to know some of the things that the McKearns put their energy into, and it’s great that someone out there is doing not for profit plant research. However, lacking interest in going into business or the biological sciences as a profession paired with the cold I caught right before the trip made for a very long couple of days. It was a good experience, none the less, and I’m glad we were able to do it.

Because of the McKearns’ work with not for profits, I want to go back to being involved with the Boy Scouts of America. They are truly responsible for making me into the leader I am today and I’d like to help other’s find their way through the program. I’m thankful that the McKearns were able to put aside the time to meet with us and that Joe Matty set up the Alumni events during this trip.


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