2014-2015 Final Blog

Creating the poster for NCUR and URAD was pretty straight forward. It was odd summarizing a years worth of work into just a handful of sentences. However, I enjoyed seeing the condensed version of my research since it has allowed me to see where to go with it. For both events, I was most excited to share what I’ve been doing with others and finding out where they could see the project going. Overall, I was pretty confident with the whole thing and look forward to doing it again. This summer, I will be continuing my research and development of the system and presenting it at NIU in the fall.

This last year as a Research Rookie has been immensely helpful. I’ve picked up good research habits, learned more about my field, and been able to network with a bunch of amazing people. I’m not sure if my view of Computer Science has changed from this experience, but my drive to learn and create more inside the field is stronger than ever. My mentor has been a great help, providing me with sources to learn more and guidance on where I should take this.

As stated earlier, I plan on continuing my project this summer and hopefully through my next three years at NIU. This summer, I want to expand the teaching capability of the system by creating and testing more lab scenarios. While I am interested in other aspects of Computer Science apart from Virtual Reality, I think that I will be doing those projects on my own and not as academic research. I have one or two other small projects that I want to spend my free time this summer working on.

Thanks to the Research Rookie team for a great year!


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