First Semester as an Undergraduate Researcher

I’ve had a wonderful time as a researcher. I’ve developed strong relationships with my fellow undergrads and some graduates in the computer science program, not to mention how great my mentor is. It’s given me the opportunity to extend my knowledge and work on something that I strongly believe is needed for our world. Because of Research Rookies, I have the joy of presenting my research at NCUR this April, developing necessary skills that will help me succeed, and make friends that I probably wouldn’t have had the chance to even meet.

The time requirement, however, is the most difficult part. For whatever reason, I’ve decided to overload my schedule this semester and become more active on campus all at once. I’m trying my hardest to make time for my research while staying on top of my studies and staying active with the groups I’ve joined. So far, I seem to be managing. The gaps in between my classes are the perfect opportunity for homework or stopping by the lab to work on my research for an hour or two. I’m trying to squeeze an hour in wherever I can so that I can continue making progress. Overall, I’m nothing but happy with my life as a research student.


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