Research Update

My research proposal is coming together quite well. I’m not finding any of the parts too difficult to write about and it’s interesting to read up on all the materials for the background section. I’ve decided that I would like to use human subjects to evaluate the effectiveness of a Virtual Reality for education, so I will be applying for permission for that as well. I’ll be administrating a pretest for my initial data, then allowing people to learn via paper, video, or virtual reality. I’ve been spending some time working on the physical environment as of late so that the testing doesn’t seem as bland while I work on developing the physics.

Dr Papka has been helpful in the creation of my proposal, as have the other students who are conducting research under Papka. I’m considering trying to boost the immersion by mimicking hand motions inside the VR using an xbox kinect or another piece of hardware called the leap. This will be a finishing touch on the environment once everything else is in place, since it is unnecessary to conduct tests. I am most excited to continue to watch this project grow. In the end, I’m looking forward to seeing how the actual environment looks through the Oculus Rift and hopefully furthering my understanding of mechanical physics along the way.


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